Not surprisingly, Chef Academy chose Senigallia for his new Italian headquarters, being one of the cities of Italy that most represents the tourist’s liveliness, the beauty and the variety of the territory. In the heart of the coast of the Marche region, this wonderful place famous for its “velvet beach” is a tourist landmark and a cultural centre of great importance./p>

Senigallia is the perfect place, where students are surrounded from an area of artistic wealth, and where food and art are taught directly where the raw ingredients are grown and cultivated in the tradition. In this region many products are among the most famous “Made in Italy” that are exported all over the world, as the white truffle of Sant’Angelo, the Campofilone’s Maccaroncini, and thousands of other goodness.

The Marches boast in over wines, oils and cheeses produced by local business that are the symbol of the wealth of the land and the passion in the production of high quality products’. We therefore decided to bring here our school, and our innovative training program thanks to the many requests made to us by both the tour operators by the students.Our school is proudly ready to open his doors to all students who wish to become the best chef in the world.

We offer a unique system of education that has made us famous in England, in America and that we are importing in many other countries, not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and China.

Tailored courses, practical and effective that focus not only on teaching the basic techniques of cooking, but also convey the meaning of what it means to be a chef working in a professional kitchen. Assimilate their knowledge and learn their secrets will allow students to step into the restaurant business with the features and the confidence necessary to become a professional chef.

The International Hospitality Academy was born from the belief that the best way to learn this art is by been taught by professionals in a professional environment and that there is no’ best way of practical one.

Not surprisingly,The International Hospitality Academy boasts as restaurant partners some of the most famous restaurants in the local area.

The huge advantage of being formed in this way it’s the practical skills that are already acquired from that experience, that many other graduates lacking when it comes to finding a job.

After completing the course, the student will have all the theoretical and practical tools to work immediately in one of the best professional kitchens.

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